This is royalty-free

Royalty-free (RF)
When you buy an image from Maskot, you get a roylaty-free license. This means that you may use the image completely free indefinitely, regardless of its use (such as advertisements, brochures, packaging, public relations, corporate communications, editorial, books, internet, other publications, etc.). In other words, royalty-free means simplicity. Pay once, use as much as you want.

All our images are model released.

Up to 10 people at your company can use the image. Please contact us if you want to upgrade your license.

Do you have questions about the license or how to use our images please contact us via email at or call +46 (0)8-654 53 01.

If you work with your own customers and you are buying the image for them, the user rights are there's.

Are there any restrictions?
Maskot images may not be used in a context that is unlawful, pornographic, misleading, obscene or in any way may offend and be offensive to those involved in the images.

Read the complete end user licence agreement herer.

How do you byline?
Image byline should contain the name of the photographer and image provider, for example: First Name Last Name/MASKOT.